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Trained as a traditional 2D designer/illustrator favouring hands on work. Grim was also well know for her range of sinister 3D clay characters created for stop-motion animation.
She is now a master of anything and everything floral and can produce a dazzling array of butter-cream and sugar-paste flowers.

Trained as a fine artist painter, but professionally worked as a 3D designer, motion graphics artist and in more recent years has developed a projection mapping and augmented reality skill set.
He loves nothing more than creating fantastical large chocolate sculptures and projection-mapping onto cakes.


The CandyAndGrimCakes Story

Neither of us started out as classically trained bakers, patisserie chefs or otherwise. Although as foodies we both love experimenting in the kitchen pushing our culinary skill set, we actually started out as designer/artists.




We are all about trailblazing.


Not only are we constantly experimenting with ingredients and flavours, but also with regards to how we can apply new techologies such as 3D scanner, Augmented Reality, 3D printing and projection mapping

Story Boarding

For projection mapped cakes, CandyAndGrimCakes provide storyboards as part of our creative process, in many cases this will also be followed by a conceptual animated preview

Cake Design

Depending on the type of cake you need our creative approach varies depending on what best fits the requirements.


In some instances this may just just require a mood board or some freehand sketches, whilst for more complex designs we will engineer the cake in 3D CAD 


CandyAndGrimCakes specialise more in bespoke solutions rather than 'off the shelf'.


With this in mind we are more than happy to provide free consultations, in person, via email, phone or via Skype/Facetime. 

For your consultation please get in touch today

Our Services
& what does it have to do with cakes?
What is Projection Mapping?

What is Projection Mapping

"In the highly competitive events industry, you need to have that ‘Wow’ factor for your event, whether it’s a wedding, a PR launch or a celebration. 


Perhaps you would like to generate a ton of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on social media

Or maybe you just want something that stops people in their tracks.

Yet you need a solution that is relevant to your brand and/or made bespoke to your personal tastes and event theme.


For the last few years large-scale out door projection mapping events have certainly fitted be bill. However they are excessively expensive and are very overly complex to arrange, not to mention they can be a little impersonal.


Here at CandyAndGrimCakes we have a slightly different approach. Instead of the macro we have adapted our industry experiences in Projection Mapping, Augmented Reality and 3D design to the micro:

Combining our passion for baking, encompassing more traditional sugar craft skills and high quality ingredients with the latest technologies such as 3D Printing, to create what we believe to be the first company worldwide to provide true 3D Projection Mapping onto and working in synergy with Sculpted Cakes.


CandyAndGrimCakes is a one stop shop, providing everything you need including bespoke animated content, AV hire, our custom-built cake projection mapping rigs, on location support… and of course a great tasting cake sculptures that are sensations in their own right.


Trying something new can often be a little scary, so with this in mind our aim is not only to make the process painless, if not fun to be apart of, from your initial brief to the big day itself. We have developed an adaptable creative pipeline depending on your requirements and desired level of involvement. This includes mood boards, 3D visualisations and preview animations as part of the proofing process.


The proof of success is in the pudding, or in this case it’s in the cake, check out some of our cake sculptures photos and projection mapped cakes videos on our gallery pages. 


Get in touch today for your consultation and let us help you make your event stand out of the crowd."

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